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NBBA Select (Tridents)

Tryouts for NBBA Tridents Select Teams

Tryouts for players interested in participating in the 2018 NBBA Tridents Select Baseball Teams were held on Saturday, December 9th and are now complete.  

NEW - NBBA Select Program for 2018

Select Teams

For the 2018 Spring Season, NBBA is piloting the Newport Beach Baseball ‘Select’ teams (Newport Beach Tridents) in each of the following age divisions: Bronco 11U, Bronco 12U and Pony 13U, subject to the availability of qualified and interested managers and players. Whether Select Teams are formed for any other division or in any given season is a decision reserved to the sole discretion of the Newport Beach Baseball Association [Newport PONY Baseball] ("NBBA") Board. In no event shall there be more than one Select Team per age division.


The purpose of Select Teams is to provide NBBA players an opportunity to play a more advanced and competitive form of baseball. The objective of the Select Teams is to provide those selected with a more advanced level of training, preparation and competition that better focuses players and their parents for the transition from recreational play to all-star play to even higher levels of competitive play. 

Player Commitment

Players are expected to commit to their Select Team from January through July or the natural end of the Tournament season for the spring baseball season. Additional expenses and travel will be required for those selected to participate.

During the regular season, NBBA's Select Teams will play inter-league games against Select Teams from other PONY organizations. Select Teams will not be scheduled to compete against other NBBA teams during the regular season. Select Teams may also compete in club / travel baseball tournaments during the period of NBBA’s regular season, subject to the discretion of the manager. At the discretion and approval of the NBBA Board, the Select Team for each age group may compete as one of the all-star teams representing Newport PONY Baseball. Select Teams are not intended to be the only all-star team representing a specific age division for NBBA and in no case will a Select Team compete as an all-star team in lieu of players selected from the pool of designated all-stars from a particular age group, unless there is an insufficient number of players from which to create an all-star team

Player Selection

NBBA will hold Select Team tryouts on a date set by the NBBA Board for the upcoming spring season. Players will be chosen for the Select Team at the sole discretion of the Select Team manager with approval of the NBBA Board.

Selection shall be based upon baseball skill, knowledge and experience, commitment to the Select Team and ability to meet other team requirements.

Select Team Roster

Select Teams will consist of no less than 11 players and no more than 13 players. NBBA recommends and encourages Select Teams to carry no more than 12 players. The ultimate number of players on any given Select Team is at the discretion of the manager with approval of the NBBA board. After the Select Team and the league teams have been selected, Select Teams may not take players from other league teams. However, if a Select Team needs players during the season in circumstances where the Select Team is short, then players may be borrowed only with Division Coordinator approval.  In the event a Select Team needs a player permanently after the regular season, the Select Team may add a player from a regular season team only after the end of the regular season.

Manager for Select Teams

NBBAs intent is for Select Teams to be managed by professional coaches. However, any individual interested in managing a Select Team may submit a manager application to the appropriate Division Coordinator on or before a date set forth by the Board. The application due date shall be in no case later than November 1st of each year for the following Spring season.

Selection of the Select Team managers shall be at the sole discretion of the NBBA Board and shall be based upon baseball experience, commitment to Newport Pony, and availability (including ability to manage an all-star team). The managers selected shall be in place from November 15th - July 31st, or the natural end of the Tournament season for the spring baseball season.  Select Team managers will be chosen for each Spring season.

Select Team Responsibilities

Select Teams will have the same obligations as any other team playing NBBA PONY baseball. Teams will be required to participate in snack shack duties, team sponsorship requirements and any other duties required of other league teams. 

Select Teams will receive the same practice field allocations as other league teams. Select Teams will also be provided equipment and practice and game balls like the other league teams.

Select Teams will have the opportunity to represent Newport Pony in post season Pony sanctioned All Star tournaments subject to Board approval.

Please direct any questions Bert Tavares, NBBA President –